Energoforma 3.0 is a reference-class waveform generator (AC current/voltage source) designed to generate three- or single-phase system of current/voltage signals according to a user-specified signal model with an accuracy class of 0.05.The Generator is provided with three channels for generating voltages (phase voltages)as well as with three independent channels for generating currents with an accuracy class of 0.05. There are three ways for the user to specify a signal model in digital form :

1.  By selecting one of standard signals from the devices internal memory or specifying signal parameters (for a specific signal) using the built-in keyboard;
2.  By selecting a signal from the Library of standard signals stored on a PC and recording it into the Generator via RS-232 interface running the Energoform software;
3.  By specifying signal parameters manually from the built-in keyboard.
4.  Waveforms and signal parameters are viewed either on the built-in graphic LCD or PC via Energoform software


Energoforma 3.0 can be used for :

1.  Testing and adjustment of instruments measuring active, reactive and apparent power and energy (including single- and three-phase active and reactive electrical energy meters, wattmeters, varmeters, active and reactive power converters etc.);
2.  Testing and adjustment of instruments measuring parameters of commercial frequency signals, namely RMS of current and voltage, frequency, phase angles, and power factor (including voltmeters, ammeters, current and voltage instrument converters, phase meters, frequency meters, PF-meters etc.);
3.  Testing and adjustment of instruments measuring power quality parameters according to the following standards: IEC 61000-4-30 and IEC 61000-4-7

Solutions & Application

1.  Mobile test laboratories;
2. Together with reference-class measuring instruments, e.g. Energomonitor 3.0, as part of test systems used in industrial metrological labs on power supplier/consumer side and national centers for testing and certification.
3.  Energoforma 3.0 can be used independently or with a PC that provides extended functionality