Energoforma 3.3 is a Programmable Three phase Waveform Generator which is designed to generate three- or single-phase system of current/voltage signals according to a user-specified signal model

The Generator is provided with three channels for generating voltages (phase voltages)as well as with three independent channels for generating currents.

There are three ways for the user to specify a signal model in digital form:

1.  By selecting one of standard signals from the devices internal memory or specifying signal parameters (for a specific signal) using the built-in keyboard;
2.  By selecting a signal from the Library of standard signals stored on a PC and recording it into the Generator via RS-232 interface running the Energoform software;
3.  By specifying signal parameters manually from the built-in keyboard.
4.  Waveforms and signal parameters are viewed either on the built-in graphic LCD or PC via Energoform software


1.  Harmonic range: from 0th to 40th;
2.  Library of standard waveforms (at least 200 profiles).
3.  It is maintained as a tool for imitation of typical AC distortions in electric networks resulting from consumer loads of different types  

Solutions & Application  

1.  Testing of instruments that measure active, reactive and apparent power and energy (including meters);
2.  Testing of instruments that measure power quality parameters as defined by IEC 61000-4-30
3.  Testing of instruments that measure RMS of currents and voltages within commercial frequency range