The HVDC Line Analyzer from Taurus, created a new platform for HVDC transmission line maintenance. This revolutionary new future-proof platform significantly minimizes the downtime and overall line maintenance time. APEX-D is a third generation one of its kind products, based on principle of multiple pulse & echo correlation technology using advanced matrix processors. The system offers cost effective monitoring of DC overhead transmission circuits on any de - energized line upto 800kV. APEX-D being an auto-calibrated portable system is useful in monitoring & analysis of critical line condition and performance parameters which includes all type of Faults. Line Healthiness and Line Components data is analyzed to optimize asset utilization and to improve system reliability and quality of supply.


1.  Overhead HVDC Transmission Line Analyser
2.  Line Healthiness Monitoring System Offline Fault Location & Line Analysis
3.  One system for all Overhead HVDC Transmission Lines (up to 800kV) emerging from the power stations
4.  An advanced tool for the Predictive Maintenance
5.  New approach for the HVDC Transmission Line Patrolling (Virtual Line Patrolling)
6.  Predicts future weak points having substantial impedance change
7.  Helps to Attain Optimum HVDC Transmission Levels
8.  Effective Maintenance of HVDC Transmission System
9.  All type faults & inhomogeneities in line will be located accurately in very short time with guided analysis and intelligent drill-downs
10. Also useful to certify commissioning of new transmission lines