MIKO 8   


MIKO-8 is focused on transformers of all voltage classes and facilities. It is used to measure the resistance of equalizing, current-limiting resistors and other high-voltage circuit breakers; contacts and contact connections of power and signal circuits and cables.
MIKO-8 is a precision device with an intuitive interface and a color graphic display with an error less than ± 0.1% in the range of zero scale error resistance of not more than ± 0.5 mΩ and extremely low volatility measuring current of not more than ± 0.0005 %/1s .

DRM method: The important function of MIKO-8 is DRM method. Analysis of the graphs measuring the winding resistance when switching the tap not only allows culling by defective (not defective), but often indicate the nature of the defect that at least makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary opening and checking the condition of the transformer.


1.  Measuring range: 10mΩ-10kΩ
2.  Strength of measuring current: 0.015-10A
3.  Automatic selection of the measuring current
4.  Diagnostics of load tap changers without removing the tank cover contactors
5.  Adjustable power output to measure the low-power and high-power resistors
6.  Automatic compensation of the measurement error from stray DC voltage measuring circuit
7.  Automated process of measuring the resistance of the windings of transformers due to auto range of resistances
8. Information on the display, showing the increase in current, resistance, or the establishment of a winding
9. The ability to connect measuring instrument cables to the blades through the transformer bushings outrigger potential contacts