A new compact model of a daytime corona camera UVollé SC|VC  is being offered these days as handy and affordable equipment for high voltage predictive maintenance teams.  UVollé SC|VC implements features to confront issues of corona and arcing, such as: bi-spectral UV-Visible, solar blind, corona strength indicator, auto and manual focus, zoom and high sensitivity to UV signals. In particular, this new model UVollé SC|VC in its reduced size and light weight is comfortable to use and therefore considered as basic equipment included in every tool box of maintenance technicians.


Predictive maintenance of Distribution, Substations, Mines, Industrial plants, data centers, hospitals etc.,that must maintain the ongoing operation of their high voltage assets with very little tolerance to unscheduled shutdowns use routinely corona cameras. The outstanding ability to pinpoint sources of failures and wonderful uk breitling premier imitation visually show them with almost no trial and error efforts make these cameras an asset and highly cost effective.


As an affordable solution UVollé SC|VC lets companies with distribution lines and substations as well as mines, industrial plants, data centers, hospitals etc., get a clear view of the state of their assets. These companies, therefore, enjoy the value added by corona cameras that no other equipment can provide.  UVollé SC|VC compact bi-spectral UV-Visible video camera pinpoints, displays and records corona and arcing during daytime.


1.  Spot, shoot and store video and still pictures
2.  Visible & UV zoom
3.  Playback of pictures & video clips
4.  Auto and manual focus
5.  More than 4 hours of battery operation
6.  Large deluxe reflective LCD
7.  Built-in powerful led flashlight
8.  Corona event counting
9.  IP 54
10. GPS, Temperature & Humidity interface
11. Voice annotation
12. Color corona