Ground Resistance Tester PRECIOHM ET 46S measures ground resistance accurately with the dynamic measurement range of 0.01Ω to 20KΩ. These tests are performed based on 4-point (Wienner) & 3-point (Fall of Potential) methods. This instrument is specially designed for the power station applications.

PRECIOHM ET simplifies the ground resistance measurement in highly induced environmental conditions of power stations. PRECIOHM ET is a rugged and Easy-to-use instrument ideal for the maintenance crews performing numerous tests. This system exceeds mechanical and safety specifications for the shock, vibration and drop tests in accordance with IEC standards.

PRECIOHM ET is highly useful earth resistance tester for the power station with its strong capability of Noise & Leakage current/voltage suppression and immune to power frequency interference which normally is present in power stations.


1.  Fall of Potential Method - PRECIOHM ET works on principle of three peg/fall of potential method, this method is widely accepted method of ground resistance measurement.
2.  Wienner Method – 4-point method is used for measurement of soil resistivity & locating areas of lowest soil resistivity is essential for achieving economic earth insulation.
3.  Field Effect - To get accurate, repeatable, reliable, rock steady reading in the power station it’s important to suppress the field effects, PRECIOHM ET is designed to completely suppress all type of electromagnetic noises which will affect the ground resistance readings.
4.  Dynamic Measurement - PRECIOHM ET is a durable system with high range of measurement from 0.01Ω to 20KΩ.
5.  Battery Backup: High capacity battery for long and continuous operation.