PDD 100S   


The PDD 100S is a hand held Non Destructive inspection system which picks Ultrasound for predictive maintenance. The PDD 100S, Receiver, is the primary component in the system, detects and converts ultrasound into easily recognizable sounds with in the human range of hearing and supplies output to a headset as well as to an analog meter. This could be used for well-known piaget copy watches ca various applications in different industries like Aviation, Power Generations, Oil & Gas, General Manufacturing, Government & Military etc.

It is applied in :

1.  Diagnose Motor Bearings & Gearboxes
2.  Transmitter (For Non Pressurized System)
3.  Assess Steam Traps & Valves
4.  Detect Electrical Arcing & Corona from safe distance up to 100 meters
5.  Detect Leaks In Non-Pressurized Systems


1.  The PDD 100S continues TAURUS history of taking the lead in pushing state of sturdy breitling avenger replica watches art technologies to new levels.

2.  It converts ultrasound signals produced by industrial machinery and vehicles into easily recognizable audible sounds so the user can evaluate the condition of individual components, even in extremely noisy plant environments.
3.  PDD- 100S is used for predictive maintenance, quality control and for leak detection.
4.  Enhanced ultrasound detection is provided to the PDD 100S by combining the features of the already proven Ultra sound sensing technology with extended range and sensing capabilities.