In the NDT industry, sometimes mobility is of the highest importance as inspections need to take place in either very distant or hard-to-reach places. Vidisco′s smallest DDA (Digital Detector Array) in the X Pro series is the BoltX Pro digital flat panel. With a physical size of only 195 X 125 X 35 mm (7.67 X 4.92 X 1.37") and a weight of about 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs), this portable digital X-ray panel can be carried anywhere. With a pixel pitch of 75 µm  it is ISO 17636-2 compliant. 

This CMOS technology based compact and lightweight unit encompasses spectacular X-ray capabilities with convenient packaging in a small case or backpack, which also serves as its operational platform. The BoltX Pro is user friendly with incredible "Plug and Play" capabilities and is easy to set up, allowing inspections to be carried out with minimum interference to the production and maintenance.