PKV M7   


PKV/M7 checks the performances of oil, SF6, vacuum and magnetic type circuit breakers. All characteristics of a circuit breaker (time, speed, travel, current, voltage) are measured in dynamics, at its connection and disconnection.

The results of measurements can be looked through on the indicator screen in a table and graphical form, stored in the nonvolatile memory, sent to printer or transferred to computer via ports LPT, RS-232C and Ethernet. Working with plots the two cursors available make unnecessary intermediate computations when making cursor measurements. Built-in clock and calendar provide reliable identification of records with respect to date and time of measurements.

A universal analogue inlet with resistive sensor & the incremental linear and angular motion sensors available in the complete set of the device, make it possible to check speed performance for all types of circuit breakers according to the manufacturer’s requirements.


1.  Remote control of the instrument from the PC.
2.  Simultaneous testing of 4 breaker contacts
3.  Real time display with graphical & tabular analysis
4.  Data stored in the nonvolatile memory
5.  Connectivity to Printer or computer via ports LPT, RS-232C and Ethernet
6.  Universal Versatility of operation    
7.  Added Ruggedness
8.  Simple, Light & Compact