MET 1   


MET-1 is used for simple earth resistance measurements without auxiliary spikes and test leads. 

Test frequencies are selected automatically to minimize erroneous measurements. Earth resistance measurements for single and multi earthing systems. Leakage current and load current measurements with 200mA, 2000mA and 10A ranges. Data hold and auto power off function. 200Ω earth resistance range.

The application of the instrument lies over a wide area. Following are the application and the solutions it can offer:

1.  Measurement of the earth resistance of iwc pilots copy for men outer case for high voltage instruments or appliances.

2.  Measurement of earth resistance of High voltage and low voltage instrument (motor, generator) or circuit itself.
3.  Measurement of earth resistance of lightning rod.
4.  The earth resistance can be made in active line as well as in power-off lines.
5.  Measurement of multiple earth resistance.
6.  Measurement of equi potential bonding earth(this earth is to ensure that all the equipments are in same potential so that no leakage current should flow through the grounding). If the bonding wires are not firmly connected, the resistance value will be displayed higher by the equipment.
7.  Measurement of earth resistance of Outdoor unit of Air Conditioner.
8.  Measurement of earth resistance of Auxiliary Earth Rod.
9.  Measurement of earth resistance for telecommunication systems (Transmitter, Rectifier, Wireless equipments).
10. Can be used with outlet checker (Another Equipment from MULTI) to check the misconnection of the internal drawing and grounding lines.


1. Earth resistance measurements for single & multi earthing systems reliable omega speedmaster fake watches.

2. Safety standard as per IEC 61010-1,IEC61010-2-032
3. Insulation category II, 600V or CATâ…¢ 300V
4. Withstanding Voltage: AC 3700V, 1 minute( between CT core and CT handle)
5. Insulation Resistance: More than 100MΩ (between CT core and CT handle)