Taurus Faultamp locates short circuit and detects earth fault in overhead line distribution network.

Since distribution lines travels in cities and residential areas, there will be many tapping points. So it is hard to find faults manually, when line trips. Therefore by installing Fault Amps on distribution lines it is easy to find fault location.It is time saving and maintaining up time. By identifying the faulty section can be isolated. The power can be restored to the rest of the areas

The FAULTAMP is installed online in medium voltage network upto 33kV provided with micro controller based independent over current time characteristics algorithm for reliable fault detection.


1.  Overhead line short circuit indicator
2.  Applicable in closed and radial networks
3.  Easy installation and self testing
4.  User adjustable pick up current and reset time glamourous cartier copy watch
5.  Intelligent sensing between load and fault current
6.  Reliable fault Indication
7.  Long life cycleRemote alarm by radio transmission