Portable X-Ray systems are based on flat panel detectors, also known as Imagers or DDAs (Digital Detector Array). The DDA works with any source of radiation and captures a digital X-ray image that is immediately displayed on a computer screen. With this process there is no need for consumable film and film processing. Images are created virtually at a click of a button.

The flat panel technology is portable and suitable for NDT applications both in the lab and in the field. The digital X-ray images have a wide dynamic range, high contrast, high resolution and an excellent SNR, all of which contribute to detection of hairline cracks on site.

X-Ray systems are suited for various NDT applications, to name a few: pipes inspection (corrosion, erosion, weld quality precious cartier libre imitation watches and wall thickness), ship hulls (mainly welding), composite materials (e.g. delimitations, water penetration) for aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, arts and archeological findings, casing defects, concrete, power lines inspection, Pipe Radiography, Inspection of Welding, Aircraft Inspection, Inspection of Casting, Concrete Inspection, Munitions Inspection, Power Lines Inspection


1.  Portable, Battery Operated and Field Ready
2. 16-bit Exceptional Image Quality, Images Upon Request
3. Low Dose & Exposure Times for Increased Safety
4. Plug & Play: Interchangeable DDAs
5. Wireless Mode for Setup Flexibility
Avaliable in 3 three models viz;

1. FlashXPro iwc copy watches for men
2. RayzorXPro
3. BoltXPro