PDD 100   


The PDD 100 is a hand held non destructive inspection system which picks Ultrasound from a safe distance for predictive maintenance. The PDD 100, Receiver, is the primary component in the system, detects and converts ultrasound into easily recognizable sounds within the human range of hearing and supplies output to a headset as well as to an analog meter. This could be used for various application like leak detection etc. But the focus here would be on Arcing, Tracking, Corona and Partial discharge in the electrical power industry.




The PDD 100 continues TAURUS’s history of taking the lead in pushing state of art technologies to new levels. This PDD 100 helps you to maintain safe distances from test areas and detect ultrasound from safe distance. The parabolic design enhances the capabilities of the PDD100 ultrasound sensor by increasing the effective detection distance to more than 100 Meters.Enhanced ultrasound detection is provided to the PDD 100 by combining the features of the already proven Ultra sound sensing technology with extended range and sensing capabilities. A pistol like grip laser pointer, and rifle sights make the PDD 100 easy to handle and use.