LCM 40P   


Lightning arresters are designed to protect a power distribution system by shunting to ground the high voltage surges caused by lightning. If the leakage current is not grounded properly it can cause huge damage to the power station which will lead to the shutdown of the grid. This will also result in the loss of revenue for the companies.Leakage Clamp Tester for Arrester measures the leakage current to warn that an arrester is damaged or deteriorated and should not be energized.

Taurus Multi LCM-40P measures very small leakage current of grounding line connected with lightening arrester. Specially developed measuring CT is hardly affected by external magnetic field/electric field. Model Taurus Multi LCM-40P can measure leakage current very accurately in high magnetic and electric field.


1.  The least influence from external magnetic field and noise by triple shielding for CT.
2.  Measurement with a resolution of 100nA with maximum accuracy copy watch.

3.  Harmonic current measurement.
4.  Easy & fast operation : just clamp on to the grounding earth of arresters.
5.  Measurement of true RMS leakage current (Dominant and third harmonic current).
6.  Compliant with IEC 60099-5 method B1.