The DayCor UVolle-X series of compact handheld corona cameras that are equipped with an outstanding eXtended display of 5" width and 1000 Nits. This new line of compact daytime corona cameras will enhance the use of corona cameras due to its high performance and affordable price.

UVolle-X corona cameras series is light in weight, has a slim silhouette and designed to be comfortably handheld. It is ready to be used swiftly operating continuously without overheating. A rechargeable battery with runtime of more than 4 continuous working hours, the high sensitivity to PD of 1pC from 10 meters, the sun readable LDC and the powerful LED flashlight are the highlights of this series.




The X series has 2 models: UVolle-SX and UVolle-VX. Both share the same main functions but differ in their ability to capture and play video clips. UVollé-SX stills camera is the best value for price and is an excellent choice for novices who wish to get acquainted with the advantages of UV inspection. UVolle-VX video camera is an excellent choice of non-destructive testing equipment for predictive and condition based maintenance. 




Lower the risk of in-service failure

Increase overall safety within a plant

Extend the time between major outages by on line assessing the condition of rotating machine

Identify specific failure mechanisms to determine the appropriate corrective action prior to a forced outage

Ensuring the effectiveness of corrective maintenance, like cleaning and re-wedging by having before and after corona inspection visualized findings

Find problems on new machines that may still be under warranty


Light and compact, handheld

Large deluxe sun readable LCD

Visible & UV zoom

Spacious Hotkeys & iconized menu control

More than 4 hours of battery run time operation

Built-in powerful led flashlight

UV events counter

IP 54

GPS, Temperature & Humidity interface

Spot, shoot and store

Full solar blind

Still pictures and Video clips recording & playback (check model)

Excellent customer support

Affordable price