Clamp Earth Tester Model MET-1/MET-2 measures the earth resistance by using two clamp CTs without disconnecting the earthing conductor and without using auxiliary ground rod and can measure only the objective earth resistance without any  influence from other conductors.


  • Earth resistance for outer case of extra-high voltage equipment.
  • Earth resistance for arrester.
  • Earth resistance for secondary side of the extra-high voltage transformer.
  • Earth resistance for the conductors for equipotential bonding.
  • Static electricity protection equipment & appliance.
  • For single and multi-grounded systems.
  • Leakage current measurement.



  • Test frequencies are selected automatically to minimize erroneous measurements.
  • Earth resistance measurements for single & multi earthing systems.
  • Leakage current and load current measurements with 200mA,2000mA and 20A ranges.
  • Data memory and auto power off function.
  • 10Ω and 300Ω earth resistance ranges.