The Distribution Line Analyser from Taurus Powertronics, created a new platform for Distribution line maintenance. This revolutionary new future-proof platform significantly minimizes the downtime and overall line maintenance time.

SIGMAX is a third generation; one of its kind products which works on the principle of multiple pulse & echo correlation technology using advanced matrix processors. The system offers cost effective monitoring of AC overhead Distribution circuits on any de - energized line from 11kV to 33kV.

SIGMAX being an auto-calibrated portable system is useful in monitoring & analysis of critical line condition and performance parameters includes all type of Faults. Line Healthiness and Line Components data is analyzed to optimize asset utilization and to improve system reliability and quality of supply.


SIGMAX is a Distribution line analyzer which is useful in accurately locating all types of open & short circuit fault and inhomogeneities on the Distribution line through Line Signature Analysis.

Fault Location - Direct Digital display of distance to fault with the accuracy of ±50m. Useful for all type of Open circuit fault, Phase to Phase fault, Phase to Earth fault and Insulator Decapping.

Fault Isolation - Normally the online fault indicators (Fault passage indicator) are installed in sectional/T-off locations in all the three phases this will quickly isolate the faults. The number of Fault passage indicator depends on configuration of distribution lines.

Line Signature Analysis Study (LSA) -Reveals all the inhomogeneities prevalent along the Distribution line. Serial comparison of this data enables the user to infer deteriorating points along the line which could be the cause of power loss, sporadic tripping and eventual line breakdown.

LSA is useful in: Identifying Faults, Safe Recharging of Line, Line Diagnostic Study Monitoring Moving from Preventive to Predictive Maintenance, New Line Pre-commissioning Certification.

Portability & Flexibility - Portable off-line system with inbuilt rechargeable batteries can be used as and when required or at periodic intervals on any de energised line emanating from a sub-station.

Higher Return on Investment - With its remarkable capability of higher resolution, SIGMAX can analyze faults faster, with a higher accuracy and more precisely, which will help the utility to reduce their downtime.


1.  Offline Fault Location & Line Analyzer
2.  Easy Fault Location in Spur Line
3.  One system for Commissioning of new Overhead Distribution Line & Maintenance of existing lines
4.  New approach for the Distribution Line Patrolling (Virtual Line Patrolling)
5.  Predicts future weak points having substantial impedance change
6.  Attaining Optimum Distribution Levels
7.  Effective Maintenance of Distribution System
8.  All type faults & in homogeneities in line will be located accurately in very short time with guided analysis and intelligent drill-downs.