SF6 LeakCheck P1:p is designed for the location, leak testing and measurement of SF6 leaks in high voltage electrical switchgear. The revolutionary SF6 leak detector rapidly detects leaks down to 1 x 10-8 ml/sec, with a response and clear down of less than 1 second.

Our revolutionary, award winning range of SF6 gas leak detectors ensure incredibly fast detection at ultra sensitive levels. The smallest of SF6 gas leaks can be detected and located swiftly, with a minimum detection level of 1 x 10-7 ml/sec or optional 1 x 10-8 ml/sec.

Taurus Powertronics focused to provide innovative test & measurement products to our customers. In this regards Taurus Powertronics build business relationship with Ion Science, UK. Ion Science manufactures SF6 Gas Leak Detection equipment.

The instruments award winning Negative Ion Capture (NIC) technology with non-radioactive source eliminates problems of registration, storage and transportation.

The LeakCheck P1:p SF6 leak detector is unaffected by large leaks. The detector will continue to remain uncontaminated even after exposure to 100% SF6 gas.

It is applied in SF6 leak testing and measurement in high voltage switchgear, Breathing apparatus testing, Medical device testing, Leak integrity assurance to ultra low levels on equipment containing (H)CFC’s in medical, refrigeration and air conditioning units.


1.  Ultra high sensitivity - detects leaks down to 1 x 10-8 ml/sec
2.  1 second rise and clear down
3.  Non radioactive detector allows for easy storage and transportation
4.  No argon or other pressurized gases required
5.  Display units cc/sec, gm/yr and ppm
6.  Easy to use touch screen with intuitive help menus
7.  Lightweight 3 button handgun
8.  Data storage and printing
9.  Large leaks present no contamination problems
10. Robust Pelican case for hardwearing use in the field
11. No training required - switch on and go
12. High Sense option