MIKO 21   


MIKO-21 allows  measurement of resistance  of electric circuits  at a constant current of up to 200A  (measured at the normalized currents up to 100A and 200A), in particular the transition resistance of all types of circuit breakers, contactors, relays, as well as separable and non-compounds in the range of 1 μΩ - 2Ω.


1.  Measuring Range: 1 μΩ- 2Ω
2.  Strength of measuring current: 1 - 200 A
3.  Fully automatic measurement of transient resistance of HV CB‘s with CT
4.  Built-in battery, small size and weight
5.  Color graphical display of high brightness provides good readability
6.  Built-in battery backup
7.  Touch screen and PC connection through USB / USB Flash
8.  Impact resistant, dust and waterproof case with technological fake hublot spirit of big bang protection class IP-67