Taurus Z Check is an instrument to measure the transmission line parameters. Simple in operation and few steps will determine all parameters required for the commissioning of transmission lines & thus significantly support assuring performance and stability of protection system.

Taurus Z Check operates on the single phase mains supply. About 80 Volts of system frequency is injected in to the transmission line. Voltage current and phase angle are measured based on test conditions. Power system frequency is chosen due to the fact that all protective system operates on the same frequency, and it is also necessary to measure the impedance at power system frequency.

During commissioning and testing of the line for Line impedance measurement both the circuit are kept in de-energized condition (Double circuit lines) and induction or interference is minimum and generally negligible which is due to only crossing of transmission lines. The measured parameters are used to calculate the Line impedance, phase to phase susceptance, line to line mutual inductance.


1.  Measure impedance at power frequency for transmission lines.
2.  Measure impedance of power cables.
3.  Measures positive/negative sequence impedance.
4.  Measure Zero sequence impedance measurement.
5.  Measure Phase to phase susceptance measurement.
6.  Measure Phase to earth impedance measurement.
7.  Measure Line to line mutual inductance measurement.
8.  Measure Line to line mutual inductance measurement (zero sequence).