PREZIOHM TFR is one of the innovative products from Taurus. It is a high frequency earth tester which measures the impedance of the transmission towers. It measures the individual tower’s earthing value so as to measure the effectiveness of the particular tower’s capability to ground the surge currents, leakage currents and the lightning strike 

PREZIOHM TFR is the ONLY system in the market capable of testing ground IMPEDANCE of individual tower legs, without disconnecting the overhead ground wire – this alone is a huge time and money saver, not to mention a major safety improvement.

PREZIOHM TFR is a high frequency earth analyzer, used to measure the power systems ability to discharge transient energy in to ground whilst minimizing earth potential rise, ensuring the equipment and personnel are safe from any danger. It is one of the important factors in determining the effectiveness of a lightning or surge protection system.This overcomes the disadvantages in conventional earth testers which measures complete grid resistance (because of parallel path from many towers). Also it overcomes the difficulty that conventional earth testers cannot measure Impedance which is the major cause for transient tripping.


1.  Fall of Potential Method : PREZIOHM TFR works on principle of three peg/fall of potential method, this method is widely accepted method of earth impedance measurement.
2.  Virtual Isolation of Towers : Virtual Isolation of Tower earth electrode without need for physical isolation of earth wire is done by using high frequency test signal.
3.  Impedance Measurement : By using of a high-frequency (25 kHz), PREZIOHM TFR brings out the ‘Impedance (Z)’ parameters and measures Impedance value of the particular tower.