DIGITRACE DC 361P is capable of locating and pin-pointing DC Earth faults ON - LINE in floating DC system without switching off any of substation feeders/circuits. Globally it is the only system capable of finding fault in mixed dual battery system by first finding the troublesome point of mixing.

DIGITRACE DC 361P is an auto-calibrated portable system comprising of two main units: Main unit with the transmitter; Fault guide receiver unit. The system being a compact & portable kit can be connected to the DC bus as and when required. It is highly sensitive equipment which will locate all faults including high resistance (upto 100kΩ) in the floating DC system.


1.  Fault Location - DIGITRACE is a handy system conceptualized for sensing identification and tracking of all type of faults in DC floating system.

2.  Fault Indications - Once the fault in DC system is sensed it is indicated instantaneously by a set of voltage meter which also indicates whether the fault is in

     positive or negative.

3.  Fault Detection - The probe of the receiver unit when clamped over the live outgoing cables from the DCDB identifies the faulty core with audio visual signal.

4.  Fault Tracking - The portable receiver unit will then guide the user to the exact point of fault on the cable.

5.  Higher Return on Investment - With its remarkable capability to sense and track all type of faults in DC floating system under any challenging situation,

6.  DIGITRACE can locate faults faster, accurately and more precisely than any other systems.

7.  Accurate Fault Location on Floating DC Systems

8.  Operates on Live DC Systems

9.  Automatic Capacitive Balancing

10. High Resistance Faults can be easily located,up to 100kΩ

11. Operates in High Electrical Noise Environment

12. Multiple Fault Detection and Tracking

13. Simplifies Fault Tracing

14. Detects Point of Mixing in Dual Battery System

15. Fault Tracking up to 3km