Precision model of Energomonitor family of accuracy class of 0.02, 0.05 & 0.1. Meant for adjustment or accuracy tests of reference-class or service-class instruments. Energomonitor 3.1 K is a multifunctional reference standard designed for testing / adjustment of most precise reference / working standards and measuring instruments (electrical values and power quality parameters). 

The implied use of Energomonitor-3.1K is testing of reference-class or service-class instruments involved in measurements of electric quantities in power industry, such as single- or three-phase Class 0.05 or Class 0.2S meters of active or reactive electric power meeting IEC standards defined as series 62053 (11-23); single- or three-phase watt meters, var meters, as well as instrument converters applied for measurements of active and reactive electric power; phase meters and frequency meters; measuring instruments for electric quantities(voltmeters, ammeters), as well as instrument converters of voltage and current, amplitude and peak voltmeters; various instruments that make measurements and running record (log) of power quality parameters (PQP) meeting the requirements of IEC 61000 (4-30 and 4-7) standards and electric parameters in single- or three-phase networks; voltage and current instrument transformers of 0.2 accuracy class appealing cartier carsh copy ca.


Portable Energomonitor 3.1K-05 (accuracy class 0.05) complete with three-phase Phantom Power Source Energoforma 3.3 can be applied for testing of reference active, reactive single- and three-phase power and energy meters of 0.2 and 0.2S accuracy classes, such as:

1.  Reference-class active, reactive and apparent power and energy meters
2.  Instruments measuring AC parameters (current, voltage, phase and frequency)
3.  Power Quality analyzer
4.  Electric energy meters
5.  Displaying of the parameters being measured on the built-in display and PC
6.  Analysis of measurement results using special-purpose software.
7.  Relative measurement error for active power: 0.015%, 0.05%, 0.1% (depending on the design version).

Energomonitor is available in other two models.They are :


The instrument is supplied in durable case handy for transportation and resistant to shock and vibration.Energomonitor-3.1KP is typically used in conjunction with test signals generator EnergoformĐ°3.3 It may function as a comparator when current or voltage transformers are tested or adjusted.


It can operate as multipurpose lab instrument that determines electric quantities used in power industry, or be a reference involved in testing of service-class instruments that measure and log voltage, current, power and PQP in AC networks.Can be a part of an installation that tests instrument transformers of perfect rolex datejust imitation watches voltage and current.Due to RS-232 port, Energomonitor-3.1-KN may be included into various lab installations.