MAX 3 EHF   


TAURUS MAX- 3 EHF Overhead EHV AC Transmission line Analyzer is a state of the art swiss iwc replica watches uk offline portable kit, capable of detecting accurately any fault on EHV Transmission lines and also helps you to venture beyond, into innovative line signature analysis study, useful in predictive maintenance of Transmission lines.

The Max-3 EHF is a revolutionary innovative system significantly minimizes the transmission line downtime and overall line maintenance time. Max-3 EHF is the third generation, one of its kind product that works on the principle of multiple pulse echo co-relation technique, using advanced matrix processors. A single system offers a cost effective monitoring of all AC overhead de- energized lines from 66kV to 800kV, providing accurate information on all faults and line signature analysis, which give data of all inhomogeneous points.


1.  Fault & line diagnostics : Fault information and distance to fault in direct reading digital data display in KMs and a comprehensive line signature Analysis and diagnosis.
2.  Flexibility in utility and application : Portable system that can be used on any de-energised line from 66kv to 800kV AC lines.
3.  Auto calibrated system : Requires no parameter input or presetting. Extremely simple operation.
4.  Direct reading digital display : No interpretation required.
5.  Fault resolution : +/- 100 meters through out the range of 1000 kilometers.
6.  Line signature Analysis : Reveals all the inhomogeneties prevalent along the transmission

7.  line. Serial comparison of this data enables the user to infer deteriorating points along the line which could be the cause of power loss, frequent tripping and eventual line breakdown.
8.  Zoom blanking : Unique capability to easily detect faults in spur lines and other applications with extended range blanking facility.
9.  Direct PC storage : No cumbersome interfacing modules to storage units, Review and print only selected frames/data.
10. Optimum safety : Engineered both in design and hardware with added safely mechanisms to ensure total safety of the operating personal. Splash proof connector ensures firm interconnections between the system constituents.
11. Complete suppression of stray surges, lightning impact and induction voltages from parallel feeders.
12. EHT Line Simulator : For ascertaining the system’s functional aspects. Also serves as an ideal training kit.
13. TADMA : TAURUS data management software for instantaneous LSA data management - Using TADMA, Line Signature Analysis and its inhomogeneties are automatically tabulated and printed / stored.
14. TADMA instantaneously computes, documents, initiated its diagnostic s/w, classifies and interprets LSA line study.
15. Customized reference to each & every line including tower schedules (opt).
16. All weather system " Hardware performs efficiently without loss of accuracy between - 20°C to 60°C.
17. Portable off-line : System with in built re- chargeable batteries.