Transmission Line

Transmission utilities all over the world is engaged in attaining the maximum line availability in a year. This requires enormous task by maintaining the lines with minimum numbers of faults and minimum possibility of line shutdown.Taurus Powertronics took up this task of finding an innovative tool using advanced technologies to help the utilities in maintaining their line. We provide a range of test & measurement instruments for the power transmission lines (both HVAC & HVDC Lines). We are focused to eliminate risk factors on EHT lines before they strike on high value transmission assets.

Range of solutions Taurus Powertronics offer to Transmission Lines : 

Line Maintenance

1.  Offline Fault Locator
2.  Predictive Maintenance
3.  Pre-Charging Certification
4.  Line Healthiness Study
5.  HVDC electrode line fault location & Analysis 

New Line Commissioning 

1.  Pre-Commissioning Certification
2.  Line Length Documentation
3.  Continuity Test
4.  Phase Sequence Test
5.  Circuit Verification Test
6.  Line Healthiness Test  

Tower Maintenance 

1.  Tower Leg Ground Impedance Measurement
2.  Polymer Insulator Puncture Detection
3.  Insulation Analysis 

Daytime Corona Scanning

Taurus Coroma Cameras are for daytime use , and deisgned as such to assist companies reduce allocated costs, increase systems stablity and maintain reliability. In particular, Taurus corona cameras have the highest sensitivity to ultra violet emission, a pre requisite when inspecting Transmission lines for corona to eliminate its occurrence.