Power Station

Taurus Powertronics provide range of testing & measurement instruments for the power stations like transmission substations, distribution substations, power generation stations, HVDC switching stations, HVDC BTB stations and captive power stations. We help in solving customers’ complex maintenance problem of their high value assets in substations and help them to supply power without any interruptions.


Range of solutions Taurus Powertronics offer to Power Stations:


1.   DC Earth Fault Location

2.   Continuous DC Earth Fault Monitoring

3.   Daytime Corona Imaging
CT/PT/CVT Insulation Analysis

5.   Motor & Cable Insulation Analysis

6.   Switch Gear Insulation Analysis

7.   Ground Resistance & Soil Resistivity Testing

8.   Insulation Analysis for Transformers & Generators

9.   Circuit Breaker Analyzer

10. Arrester Leakage current measurement

11. Ultrasound Detector

12. X-Ray Systems

13. Transformer Winding Resistance Meter

14. Contact Resistance Meter