Taurus Powertronics Products can be used in heavy & large Industries such as steel, Mining, Oil & Gas industries etc. These companies will have dedicated power lines (transmission/distribution) and a substation inside their own premises. By using Taurus offline fault Analyzers, Industries can optimize the availability of electrical energy availability. The daytime Corona scanning can be utilized for fault faulting in the Motors, Generators. The Gas leak Analyzers can be utilized in many industries to find out the leak of expensive and toxic gases. Taurus Powertronics also provides Test & Measurement instruments like leakage clamp meter, Harmonics tester, power recorder,ac dc clamp meters also which are specially designed for Industrial application.
Range of solutions Taurus Powertronics offer to Industries:


1.   Insulation Tester

2.   Cable insulation Tester
Motor Insulation Analysis

4.   Generator Insulation Analysis

5.   DC Earth Fault Location

6.   Ground Resistance Testing

7.   Soil Resistivity Testing

8.   Gas Leak Detectors

9.   Power Quality Analyzers

10. Meter Test Systems and Reference Instruments

11. Power Recorder

12. Harmonics Tester

13. Leakage current Tester

14. AC DC clamp tester

15. Ultrasound Detector

16. X-Ray Systems