Distribution Line

Taurus Powertronics provide range of testing & measurement instruments for the power distribution lines. We are focused to solve customers’ complex maintenance problem of their high value distribution assets.Our high voltage clamp meters can be used for Safe AC current measurement by optically isolated transmission method on circuits having internal voltage from AC 80V to AC 23kV 


Range of solutions Taurus Powertronics offer to Distribution Lines:
Line Maintenance

2.  Fault Finding in Spur Lines

3.  Predictive Maintenance

4.  Pre-Charging Certification

5.  Line Healthiness Study

6.  Short fault and Earth fault Indicators

7.  Daytime Corona Imaging

8.  Fault Passage Indicator

9.  Overhead Line Impedance Measurement 
High Voltage Detector


New Line Commissioning


3.  Continuity Test

4.  Phase Sequence Test 

5.  Line Healthiness Test


AC Current Measurement 


1. Clamp Testers for cables  from 80V to 23kV