Transmission Line Commissioning Test

Transmission Line Commissioning Test
Happiest moment for Transmission Line Construction Contractor and Utility engineers is when the new line on which they are working for months or years perhaps is getting commissioned successfully.
It is very important that, the line must get commissioned or charged without any tripping at first instance. This saves time, money and reputation of the company.
When a new line is constructed, everything is new – Conductor, Insulator,hardware, tower, earth wire…. everything. But the reason for not charging the line at first instance is poor quality of workmanship. The errors /mistakes made during constructing the line must be identified and corrected before commission the line.
We Taurus Powertronics provide following services as “Transmission Line Commissioning Test” package to identify flows in the new line which could cause hurdles in commissioning the line. 
1. Visual Inspection of the entire structure and line
2. Tower Footing Earth Resistance
3. GPS Location
4. Signature Analysis