Operation Maintenance Scientific Research Institute
Launched as an initiative towards indigenous research and development in power sector test & measurement, OMSRI is an attempt to train and acquaint young generation towards the test & measurement arena. Activities under OMSRI has been carefully structured such that development of technologies align with the challenges in power sector. Analysis & observation of power system behavioral patterns sets the foundation towards research activities. OMSRI also intends to facilitate programs that could update and expand the knowledge base of attendees in their respective areas.
Areas of Research
1. RLA Studies
2. Structural health & condition monitoring improvements
3. Failure behavior analysis
4. Reliability engineering 
5. Maintenance improvement suggestions
6. Advance planning methods of  maintenance management 
Versatile Courses Offered
1. Maintenance engineering management 
2. Reliability  engineering  & maintenance management
3. Failure mechanism & life prediction
4. Structure health & condition monitoring
5. Testing equipment operations