Discrete Services





Taurus STITAM offer it’s services to detect corona in substation and transmission line using high and end daytime corona cameras. Corona is partial discharge occurring on conductor, insulators and on equipments in lines and substation. Corona is formed due to ionization of air where electric field exceeds a critical value and it produces Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide which are corrosive chemicals. During high humidity this oxide creates Nitric Acid which is very corrosive and works like slow poison for the system. Corona damages the areas around it and also creates radio interference. It emits UV rays and makes audio noise. Insulators and conductor get damaged due to corona .






We Taurus offer services to identify underperforming Surge Arresters, so that they can be replaced with new Surge Arresters. Resistive Leakage Current measurement, Thermovision Scanning to check temperature of equipment and Visual Inspection is carried out to detect the healthiness of the Surge Arrester. Ultrasound scanning is also done to detect partial discharge. 







Floating DC Power System is required in substation to operate switch gears in case of emergencies. If an “Earth Fault” is present in this DC system, Circuit Breakers may not function the way they are supposed to and can cause major damage to the substation. At majority of the substations “Lamp Indicators” are used to indicate the existence of an Earth Fault in the system. But this method only makes us aware of the fault. It does not identify or pinpoint the exact location of the fault. The fault is traced by switching off individual circuit and observing the status of indicators first. Once the circuit is traced, then the particular circuit cables are checked and fault location is traced. This takes very long time and it is very dangerous to switch off critical circuit. 







The basic objective of good earthing is to ensure the safety of life and property from shock and fire. Lightning, Surges or contact between an energized electric conductor and the metal frame or structure or human body can cause dangerously high voltages in the electrical system. Under such circumstances, grounding provides an alternative low impedance path and thereby minimizes damage. A good and an efficient Earth ensures that all parts of apparatus other than the live parts shall be at earth potential or very close to zero. 






Taurus STITAM offer to detect hotspots in Substation and Transmission Line using high end Thermovision camera. The main reason for developing hotspots in the system are loose joints. This happens due to poor workmanship, constant vibration or wear & tear of material. Hotspots are dangerous for the system and must be attended immediately to avoid breakdowns. A loose joint causes more resistance to current flow and hence get heated up. With the rising temperature the spot becomes hotspot and if not attended immediately, reaches to a breakdown point. 





Insulators are bound to fail at some point of time since these undergo electrical and mechanical stress and strain in all weather conditions. If more number of disks fail, chances of breakdown also increases. Over voltage will cause flash over on Punctured or failed insulator disks. Sometimes even the insulators explode and break into pieces. Hence it is very important to monitor the condition of Insulators and get these tested for any puncher / failure from time to time. 







Taurus STITAM offers the service of Manually Inspecting the condition of Transmission Line and recording various aspects of Towers & Line. Transmission lines constantly undergo changes due to Rain, Heat, Pollution, Vibration, Load, Theft and also due to changes in surroundings like, trees, buildings, roads, new lines etc... To keep the line healthy and to avoid breakdowns, periodical patrolling is required. It is good practice to carry out Ground Patrolling every month and Monkey Patrolling (Climbing the tower) once in six months. Patrolling Records must be maintained for future use and analysis. 






Taurus STITAM offer services for Measurement of Resistance & Impedance of Tower Footing. High energy generated during a lightening stroke or heavy surges must be discharged immediately through the tower body. The earthing provided to Tower legs should provide least resistive path to this high energy. It is possible that sometimes the earthing provided is not proper and can cause disasters during heavy surges or during lightening 






We Taurus Powertronics offer Ultrasound Scanning of Transmission line components and Substation equipment such as Surge Arresters, Transformer, Insulators, Joints, Circuit Breaker etc. These equipments emit different type of high frequency sound in case of any defect. With the help of our Ultrasound device this noise is captured and recorded. Using special software this noise is further analyzed to find out the exact cause of the fault / defects