Research & Development



Taurus Powertronics has always laid special emphasis on Research & Development(R&D). Our R&D department is aided with the latest advanced technology and manned by qualified and experienced professionals who continue to invent advance state of art technology and engage in doing continuous fundamental development in the field of Test & Measurement, acquiring knowledge and expertise on latest technology & trend on global basis and adapt them quickly to suite current market trends and economical designs to suit the clients requirement.

This ability enhancement & innovation has given Taurus a competitive edge over its counterparts. A quality policy conforming to international standards and requirements is strictly adhered to give you the best value for your purchase. If you have any practical suggestion for improvisation or an innovative concept, we welcome your participation.

The consistent improvement of our products, processes, and services combined with innovation is at the centre of our endeavors. For this purpose, we strive to further optimize our organizational, operational, and technical processes. Taurus Powertronics manufactures test & measurement equipment for the power sectors, where there is a lot of innovation is required. Our instruments are conceived and designed by our talented in house R&D team to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and applications. Research is at the heart of our company and is fundamental to our technology,product and business development.