Quality Policy

TAURUS is a technology driven organization and will gain consistent faith and confidence of customers with commitment of quality, timely delivery and cost effectiveness.

TAURUS is quality conscious and will strive toachieve high level of competency in supplying and maintenance of innovative & customized “Power Monitoring equipment” and “Test & Measuring equipment”.


Quality Policy, Quality Assurance & Certification


We are ISO9001:2008 certified and we actively implement our management system for the continuous improvement of processes to enable us to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. We aim to be a pleasure to deal with, to do what we say, listen carefully to any requirements and give best advice. We aim to always do better than expected and to add significant value to our customers.

A quality policy conforming to international standards and requirements is strictly adhered to give our customers the best value for their purchase. If you have any practical suggestion for improvisation, improvement or an innovative technology or business concept, we welcome your participation.

The continual improvement of our products, processes and services combined with innovation is at the center of our endeavors. For this purpose, we strive to further optimize our organizational, operational and technical processes.


To meet our commitment, will :

  • Strive for complete understanding of customer application & requirements
  • Seek out innovative technologies for assuring error-free work
  • Emphasize appropriate training for all employees and well being
  • Continually improving all activities
  • Adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Consistently meeting or exceeding customer’s expectation.



  • To be leader of Indian T&M instrument manufacture suppliers in India before 2014
  • To be leader of total T&M suppliers & solutions in India by 2017
  • To be global leader of T&M suppliers & solutions before 2025 and achieve total turnover of over 1 Billion Dollars.


  • To promote our products in to the Market and identify all applications areas of T&M in power sector.
  • To offer complete T&M product supply & service solution to the end users in power sector.


  • Reducing the purchase cost to the customer by developing innovative & effective techniques.


  • Achieving installation targets with effective process controls and achieving zero defects in installations.
  • Achieving highest safety in all field activities.
  • The above objectives are supported by following measures,

The above Objectives are supported by following Measures :



  • To develop the generation, distribution & the Industrial segments equally as the transmission segment
  • Registering also with all Contractors / Consultants as approved vendor for T&M segments
  • To develop dealer market
  • Continually improving the customer satisfaction level


  • To improve purchase cycle time and be ready towards supply on receipt of order
  • To have a vast network of alternate suppliers and solutions to be able to offer prompt solution to the customers

Installation & Service

  • Ensuring all the deliveries are within customer’s delivery schedules to avoid LD clause. (Liquidating Damages)
  • Increase quality checks
  • Increase safety awareness


  • To provide minimum 10 hours training to technical/service staff once in a quarter
  • Sales & Marketing training twice a year